Sures Kumar is an interaction designer and a recognized digital artist, specializing in speculation design. Currently, he works for Google’s Research and Machine Intelligence team where he leads the Interaction design efforts for AIY projects, app and website. He is the UX lead for an internal project which is helping design and shape the next generation of Google Lens. He also works on integrating cutting edge on-device machine intelligence and mobile vision technologies into Google Pixel Camera and Android OS.

Earlier at Google Inc (London and India), he has helped lead, design and ship various high-profile products for Android, Google Play and G Suites (Google for business).

At Microsoft, he designed user experience and interactions for Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel from the Office Mobile team.

At Local Projects, NYC, he worked on developing interactive solutions for Cleveland Museum of Art and Civil Debate Interactive Wall at the Bob Graham Centre for Public Service, University of Florida.

Books that feature Sures Kumar’s work include, ‘Discursive Design: Critical, Speculative and Alternative Things’ by Stephanie and Bruce Tharp, The University of Michigan (MIT press) [upcoming] and ‘Every Day is Play: A Celebration of the Video Game’ by Matthew Kenyon. Also ‘A-Magazine’ covered his interview about the interplay of technology and emotions.

His works have also been published in Wired, The Verge, FastCoDesign, Core77, Arduino Blog, CNN, Creative Applications, Business Insider, Animal Newyork, PSFK, PitaPixels, Complex and many other reputed design magazines and blogs. International exhibitions include: ACM Siggraph (Hong Kong), FIBER Festival (Netherlands), Ask / Alternative Scenarios (Poland), Watermans Art Gallery (London), Henry Moore Gallery (London) and Yahoo! USID Academic Showcase (India).

Sures Kumar graduated from the Royal College of Art, London and National Institute of Design, India. He conducts workshops, design sprints and teaches creative coding, projection mapping, tangible computing and design sprinting methods at various universities.


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