Curriculum Vitae


Interaction design, Experience design, Speculative Design, Critical Design, Game design, Concepting, Web and application design, User interface design, HTML prototyping, Experience prototyping, Information design, User research, Usability testing, Sound design and General photography.



Fluent in  C++ (Openframeworks, Cinder), Processing, Arduino, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, Microsoft Office Suite and general knowledge of Adobe Flash, Steinberg Nuendo, Audacity, Fruityloops studio, Max/MSP/Jitter, ASP.NET and JavaScript.


Work Experience

2014, Oct – Current: Designer, Google, UK.

2013, Jul – Sep: Design Intern, Google, UK.

2012, May – Sep: User Experience Designer, Microsoft Inc.

2011, Nov – 2012, Apr: Associate Designer (Research), NID-IBM Open Source Collaborative Research Project, Research and Publications, National Institute of Design, India.

2011, Oct: Trial, FABRICA – The Benetton Group Communication Research Center, Italy.

2011, Feb – Jul: Intern, Interaction Designer and Developer, Local Projects LLC, NYC, USA.

2010: Gujarat Trade Show, Vaama Communications, India. (Freelance)

2010, Apr – May: Intern, Interaction Designer, Goose Bumped, Hyderabad.

2008 – 2009: Co-founder,

2000 – 2003: Co-founder, Tech Track Technologies.


Teaching / Lectures / Workshops

2014, Aug: (Lecture) Speculation Design, National Institute of Design, India.

2011, Nov – 2012, Apr: (Tutor) New Media Design, Post graduate, National Institute of Design, India.

2012, Feb: (Workshop) Projection Mapping, National Institute of Design, India.

2010, Dec – 2011, Jan: (Teaching Assistant), New Media Design, Post graduate, National Institute of Design, India.

2008, Aug: (Lecture) Design and Film Making, VIT Film Club, India

2007, July: (Lecture) Design and Film Making, TVS Academy, India



2014 Masters in Arts, Design Interactions, Royal College of Art, London.

2011 Post Graduation, New Media Design, National Institute of Design, India.

2009 Bachelors of Technology, BioTechnology, Vellore Institute of Technology, India.

2005 Certification in advanced 3D modeling and character animation, Institute of Multimedia, Arts and Graphic Effects, India.



R. Promila, S. Thoddu Srinivasan. FRAMEWORKS. In the Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia 2011, Art Gallery. Hong Kong, China. 2011


Feature List

FastCoDesign: How Much Is Your Face Worth? This Camera Lets You Put A Price On It

Protien: Pixel Currency

OurAgeisThir13en: Pixel Currency : l’appli photo du futur qui met nos têtes a prix

Santocriativo: How much do you think your picture is worth?

Medium / Dezainnet: ‘Pixel Currency‘ addresses the issue of identity privacy by Sures Kumar

FastCoDesign: The Future Of Death? An Algorithm That Decides Who Deserves To Inherit All Your Stuff

Business Insider: Artist Conceives Algorithm To Divvy Up Our Possessions When We Die

Creative Applications: Beyond Blood – Emotional attachment and inheritance by algorithm

RSLN: Votre héritage géré par un algorithme

FastCoDesign: Create A Fake Artist’s Portfolio In Seconds

Wired: Instantly Create a Professional Identity Without Lifting a Finger

FastCoDesign: Behance Pressures Student To Shutter Online Art Project

Animal Newyork: How Behance shut down a subversive work of art

Creative Applications: Pro-Folio – Online portfolios from fictional artists and designers

PSFK: “Pro-Folio” is a portfolio website built from fictional identities of artists, created by an algorithm using the open source web

Peta Pixel: Plagiarized Photography Portfolios are Now Just One Click Away

Complex: Pro-Folio Generates Personalized (Fake) Artist Portfolios

FastCoDesign: Kids Win This Video game By Eating A Plate Of Fruit

Core77: Sures Kumar & Lana Z. Porter Present ‘Pixelate,’ a Video Game that Gives ‘Playing with Your Food’ a New Meaning

CreativeApplications:  Pixelate – Guitar-Hero-style eating game which detects food you are eating

Arduino Blog: Interactive table turns eating into a videogame

CNN: Pixelate: interactive table might help fussy children eat

PSFK: Eating Game pits dinner against each other to consume healthier foods

Yanko Design: Ignore Mom! Play with your food!

Animal New York: Finally, Guitar Hero for eating (real) food

Ubergizmo: Pixelate Interactive Dining Table Lets You Game While You Eat

Trend Hunter: Healthy Eating Digital Games

Polygon: Interactive dining table gamifies a meal for two

Protein: Pixelate

Institute for the Future: Projection mapping library

The Curious Brain: Nimble – Augmented Reality book-based library

Scoop: Advancements in Light, AR Tech (Advertising, Media)

Adverve: Augmented spaces: Nimble’s digital/tactile library

Library View: Find and promote the use of AR in book reading experience

Gizmodo: Projected Pong Puts Some Interactive BleepBloop On Your Apartment Walls

Slash Gear: Projected Pong puts your flat into the gameplay

VJ TV: Frameworks by NID Students (India)

Graphism: Pong that reflects the architecture of the place where it is located

PCB Heaven: A mixed reality game using projection mapping

Creep: Projected pong – “tennis wall”

Huyandex: Projected Pong: ping-pong on the walls and stairs

Akiba: The best tennis history

Gotopublicschool: PONG WALLS

The Hindu: Bridging the gap

The Hindu Business Line: Youngsters turn to Net to help student community keep in touch

Deccan Herald: Don’t let another opportunity slip away



2014 June: Beyond Blood exhibited at the Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art, London.

2014 June: Pixel Currency exhibited at the Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art, London.

2014 Jan: Beyond Blood exhibited at the Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art, London.

2013: Pixelate exhibited at the Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art, London.

2011: FRAMEWORKS: Nice Cube exhibited at ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Art Gallery, Hong Kong.

2010: FRAMEWORKS: Jesture exhibited at the Yahoo! USID Academic Showcase 2010, India.



2014: Nominated for the Helen Hamlyn Award, London

2010: Runners-up of Yahoo! USID Academic Showcase 2010, India.

2010: Runners-up of 2010 OZCHI Online Student Design Challenge.

2007: Won a biomedical design challenge conducted by IIT, Madras.

2006: Won “Best Documentary of the year” by Jeevan TV.

2003: Awarded with “YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD” at Global Young Leaders Conference in Washinton DC.

2003: Ranked #1 in the Southern India Science Fair conducted by VITM, Bangalore.

2000: Ranked #3 in World Wide Drawing competition (Peace Poster Contest) by Lions Club International.

1998: Ranked #2 in State Level on-the-spot Painting Competition conducted by Young World, THE HINDU.

1997: Ranked #1 in International Peace Poster Contest conducted by Lions Club.

1997: Painting selected as the ‘Best Entry’ at the school level painting competition conducted by All-India Camel Colour Contest.

1996: Ranked #1 in All-India Camel Colour Contest’s on-the-spot Painting Competition conducted by Camel.

1994: Ranked #2 in State Level Drawing Competition conducted by Anantha Vikadan Magazine.


Recent Projects

Pixel Currency, Classroom project.

Beyond Blood, Classroom project.

Pro-Folio, Classroom project.

Pixelate, Classroom project.

Office Mobile, Microsoft Inc.

Sixteen Dots, Self initiated.

Multimodal Interface for Mobile Devices, Research and Publications, National Institute of Design, India.

Nice Cube (FRAMEWORKS), ACM Siggraph Asia 2011, Hong Kong.

GetStamped(), National Institute of Design, India.

Nimble, Self initiated.

Connecting Dots, FABRICA, Italy.

Dots and Boxes, FABRICA, Italy.

Palette, FABRICA, Italy.

The Great Civil Debate Wall, University of Florida, Florida.

Early Learning Zone, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland.

Turtle Link, Sea World, San Diego.

AOL Home Page, AOL, New York.

Play Pong, National Institute of Design, India.

Awesome Pics, Self initiated.

Privacy Pixels, Self Initiated

Engrave, Self initiated.

ENHANCED, Classroom project.

_sines _cosines, Self initiated.

BLOC, Classroom project.

Jesture (FRAMEWORKS), Classroom project.

Pong (FRAMEWORKS), Classroom project.

Artificial Truth, Classroom project.

Ethnography Research, IBM India Research Lab.

Multitouch Tables, Indian International Jewellers Show, Goa.

Microcosm, Self initiated.

Play, Self initiated.

Alzhiemers, Alzheimers Related Disorders Society of India.

Chalisthenics, Nokia Research Center, Finland and IIM, Ahmedabad, Mobile Application Design.


Open Source

2010 RemoteVLC, Open Source library for Processing environment.