Feature List

FastCoDesign: How Much Is Your Face Worth? This Camera Lets You Put A Price On It

Protien: Pixel Currency

OurAgeisThir13en: Pixel Currency : l’appli photo du futur qui met nos têtes a prix

Santocriativo: How much do you think your picture is worth?

Medium / Dezainnet: ‘Pixel Currency‘ addresses the issue of identity privacy by Sures Kumar

FastCoDesign: The Future Of Death? An Algorithm That Decides Who Deserves To Inherit All Your Stuff

Business Insider: Artist Conceives Algorithm To Divvy Up Our Possessions When We Die

Creative Applications: Beyond Blood – Emotional attachment and inheritance by algorithm

RSLN: Votre héritage géré par un algorithme

FastCoDesign: Featured in “The Design World’s Biggest Scandals Of 2014

FastCoDesign: Create A Fake Artist’s Portfolio In Seconds

Wired: Instantly Create a Professional Identity Without Lifting a Finger

FastCoDesign: Behance Pressures Student To Shutter Online Art Project

Animal Newyork: How Behance shut down a subversive work of art

Creative Applications: Pro-Folio – Online portfolios from fictional artists and designers

PSFK: “Pro-Folio” is a portfolio website built from fictional identities of artists, created by an algorithm using the open source web

Peta Pixel: Plagiarized Photography Portfolios are Now Just One Click Away

Complex: Pro-Folio Generates Personalized (Fake) Artist Portfolios

FastCoDesign: Kids Win This Video game By Eating A Plate Of Fruit

Core77: Sures Kumar & Lana Z. Porter Present ‘Pixelate,’ a Video Game that Gives ‘Playing with Your Food’ a New Meaning

CreativeApplications:  Pixelate – Guitar-Hero-style eating game which detects food you are eating

Arduino Blog: Interactive table turns eating into a videogame

CNN: Pixelate: interactive table might help fussy children eat

PSFK: Eating Game pits dinner against each other to consume healthier foods

Yanko Design: Ignore Mom! Play with your food!

Animal New York: Finally, Guitar Hero for eating (real) food

Ubergizmo: Pixelate Interactive Dining Table Lets You Game While You Eat

Trend Hunter: Healthy Eating Digital Games

Polygon: Interactive dining table gamifies a meal for two

Protein: Pixelate

Institute for the Future: Projection mapping library

The Curious Brain: Nimble – Augmented Reality book-based library

Scoop: Advancements in Light, AR Tech (Advertising, Media)

Adverve: Augmented spaces: Nimble’s digital/tactile library

Library View: Find and promote the use of AR in book reading experience

Gizmodo: Projected Pong Puts Some Interactive BleepBloop On Your Apartment Walls

Slash Gear: Projected Pong puts your flat into the gameplay

VJ TV: Frameworks by NID Students (India)

Graphism: Pong that reflects the architecture of the place where it is located

PCB Heaven: A mixed reality game using projection mapping

Creep: Projected pong – “tennis wall”

Huyandex: Projected Pong: ping-pong on the walls and stairs

Akiba: The best tennis history

Gotopublicschool: PONG WALLS

The Hindu: Bridging the gap

The Hindu Business Line: Youngsters turn to Net to help student community keep in touch

Deccan Herald: Don’t let another opportunity slip away