The Verge‘Beyond Blood’ imagines a future where algorithms govern inheritance, not your will

FastCoDesignHow Much Is Your Face Worth? This Camera Lets You Put A Price On It

ProtienPixel Currency

OurAgeisThir13enPixel Currency : l’appli photo du futur qui met nos têtes a prix

SantocriativoHow much do you think your picture is worth?

Medium / Dezainnet‘Pixel Currency‘ addresses the issue of identity privacy by Sures Kumar

FastCoDesignThe Future Of Death? An Algorithm That Decides Who Deserves To Inherit All Your Stuff

Business InsiderArtist Conceives Algorithm To Divvy Up Our Possessions When We Die

Creative ApplicationsBeyond Blood – Emotional attachment and inheritance by algorithm

RSLNVotre héritage géré par un algorithme

FastCoDesign: Featured in “The Design World’s Biggest Scandals Of 2014

FastCoDesignCreate A Fake Artist’s Portfolio In Seconds

Instantly Create a Professional Identity Without Lifting a Finger

Behance Pressures Student To Shutter Online Art Project

Animal Newyork
How Behance shut down a subversive work of art

Creative Applications
Pro-Folio – Online portfolios from fictional artists and designers

“Pro-Folio” is a portfolio website built from fictional identities of artists, created by an algorithm using the open source web

Peta Pixel
Plagiarized Photography Portfolios are Now Just One Click Away

Pro-Folio Generates Personalized (Fake) Artist Portfolios

Kids Win This Video game By Eating A Plate Of Fruit

Sures Kumar & Lana Z. Porter Present ‘Pixelate,’ a Video Game that Gives ‘Playing with Your Food’ a New Meaning

:  Pixelate – Guitar-Hero-style eating game which detects food you are eating

Arduino Blog
Interactive table turns eating into a videogame

Pixelate: interactive table might help fussy children eat

Eating Game pits dinner against each other to consume healthier foods

Yanko Design
Ignore Mom! Play with your food!

Animal New York
Finally, Guitar Hero for eating (real) food

Pixelate Interactive Dining Table Lets You Game While You Eat

Trend Hunter
Healthy Eating Digital Games

Sketch App: Build beautiful patterns and illustrations out of your objects with the Looper Sketch plugin.

Sketch Hunt: This is a really interesting plugin because it can create some wild visual effects and patterns in a way that you might not usually consider Sketch to be good at.

Sketch Tricks‏: Looper is an interesting new Sketch plugin which will help you create geometric and organic patterns.

Slim-ent: Graphic designers may find more use for this plugin than web designers, but it can save a lot of time looping through repetitive scaling/duplication tasks.

PolygonInteractive dining table gamifies a meal for two


Institute for the FutureProjection mapping library

The Curious BrainNimble – Augmented Reality book-based library

ScoopAdvancements in Light, AR Tech (Advertising, Media)

AdverveAugmented spaces: Nimble’s digital/tactile library

Library ViewFind and promote the use of AR in book reading experience

GizmodoProjected Pong Puts Some Interactive BleepBloop On Your Apartment Walls

Slash GearProjected Pong puts your flat into the gameplay

VJ TVFrameworks by NID Students (India)

GraphismPong that reflects the architecture of the place where it is located

PCB HeavenA mixed reality game using projection mapping

CreepProjected pong – “tennis wall”

HuyandexProjected Pong: ping-pong on the walls and stairs

AkibaThe best tennis history

GotopublicschoolPONG WALLS

The HinduBridging the gap

The Hindu Business LineYoungsters turn to Net to help student community keep in touch

Deccan HeraldDon’t let another opportunity slip away