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As compared to older traditional ways of capturing a moment like painting or a photograph, today the construction of representations takes place in real time thanks to electronic transmission of images. The images are captured and displayed in real time. It is possible to see a dynamic, real time, interactive screen, but instead this installation tries to break the notion of real-time image processing associated with digital medium and tries to emphasize on the delay between events and responses.

Analogue photos involve exposure of photographic film, developing the negative in a chemical bath, and transferring the result to paper to a a beautiful photograph. It required long exposure times, so both the subject and the photographer had to be still. The world and its objects were understood as eternal, static, and unshakeable.

This installation tries to capture this essence of time and eternal in traditional photography, thus a shift from the realtime display of image. One needs to stand infront of the frame still for prolonged time to get their image captured and slowly this image gets developed into a photograph on the frame.

The initial explorations were done using Kinect and Processing.

This is an ongoing project where we are try to investigate different essences of traditional photographic mediums and how alteration of each parameter like medium, content can be explored.

Created in collaboration with Promila Roychoudhury.