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The FRAMEWORKS series initially started with the mixed reality experimentation with a traditional game of ‘Pong’, where the virtual ball bounces within the physical boundaries of the wall.

For this game, we selected the wall which housed the railing of the stairway as the game arena. The profile of the stairway acted as a boundary for the virtual ball to bounce back.

Players were provided with a wired glove which controlled the paddle for hitting the ball. The wired glove is equipped with triple-axis Accelerometer, single-axis MEMS Gyroscope and Force Sensing Resistor. It is connected to a single board microcontroller prototyping platform – Arduino. The game interaction is achieved by programming in an open source programming language – Processing 1.2 and projected using projection mapping technique.

Jesture and Nice Cube were other games developed under FRAMEWORKS series.

Created in collaboration with Promila Roychoudhury.